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The number of internet users in China grew an incredible 41.9% in 2008, according to the China Internet Network Information Centre.  At the end of the year, the number of internet users in China, 298 million, almost equaled the size of the United State population.


Almost 188 million people accessed the internet access through mobile phones in 2008, an increase of 133% over 2007.


Don't forget that China's population is 1.3 billion and internet penetration is slightly under 23%.  The growth potential for smart marketers is limitless.


What's your web strategy in China?




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What a year - full of accomplishments, awards and community involvement. 2008 ended with a bang when new clients signed on with long-term translations projects. That momentum carried over into 2009, and we're excited about what's ahead.

What were we up to in 2008?
  • We were certified as a Women Business Enterprise by the Governor’s Office of Business Diversity Enterprise.
  • We worked with non-profits and multinational companies including financial institutions, educational entities, manufacturers, legal and medical professionals, marketing firms, and website designers.
  • We delivered translations for websites, marketing materials, technical specs, audits, placement tests, policies for educational and commercial entities, financial statements and prospectuses, and documents for an art exhibit in China.
  • We worked with a variety of languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese.
  •  We made an unprecedented offer (see: ): P & L Translations will beat the price for Spanish translations from any translations company in Nashville!
  • We're a Top 10 Finalist as the Top Startup Company.
·         Giving back to our local community has been (and always will be) part of our business model since our inception. In 2008 we were involved in many important and exciting community activities:
- We sponsored a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.
 - We were publically thanked for our contributions to Conexión Americas.
- We also are thrilled to be an active part of the Coalition in the Nashville For All Of Us movement.
- One of our founders was named to the Advisory Board for Books From Birth of Middle TN.
- We conducted a Spanish children’s event for Cool Moms Care at the Franklin’s farmer’s market.
To all of our clients, translators and partners:  THANK YOU!



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