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Hispanics aged 50+ are more likely to research purchases online than non-Hispanics, according to the “Customer Focus Opiniones” study released this summer by Vertis Communications.   Older Hispanics also pay more attention to internet advertising, with 21% stating they had done so in the previous week  vs. 15% of non-Hispanics of the same age. 


TV has the most influence on buying decisions among Hispanics, followed by ad inserts and circulars.  Internet marketing is the third most influential medium.  The Vertis study reports that 42% of all Hispanics research products online before they buy.  Scott Marden, of Vertis Communications, says that “Hispanics are increasingly becoming more reliant on the internet and other forms of technologically advanced marketing” to find information on products they are interested in buying.


Who’s providing this information in Spanish?  Two of the country's biggest retailers aren't.   That’s right, visit the world’s largest retailer’s website and you will not find anything in Spanish.  Nada. 


If you do a search for “español” on the other site, 55 products come up, including “Madden 09 Football en español”.   The product description is in English.  If they sell the Spanish version of the game, why don’t they provide information on the product in Spanish as well?

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