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New vehicle registrations declined by 3% in 2007, but there is some good news for automakers and dealers.  Sales to multicultural consumers held steady at 22% of the market and the size of this market continues to grow.  Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans will make up almost 37% of the U.S. population by 2020, according to recent U.S. Census data.  


Car dealers who want to capitalize on the relative strength of the ethnic market right now should consider:


  • Making the dealership family-friendly.  Hispanics’ and Asians’ new vehicle purchases are influenced by family members.   Have a kids’ corner with toys, offer balloons, and greet everyone in the family as if they were the one buying the car.


  • Translate sales materials and signs.  Make it easy for your customers to understand what you’re selling, special features, and terms and conditions.  You may need information in several languages if you are in a very diverse market, or your ethnic customers may all speak the same language.


  • Keeping the relationship going.  Hispanics buy new vehicles more frequently than other consumers.  Stay in touch and keep them coming back to your brand.


Additional information on automotive brand loyalty among multicultural consumers is available from R. L. Polk & Co.

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