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Today, January 6th, is a holiday in many countries.   It marks the end of the Christmas season (and the Twelve Days of Christmas) and celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings or Magis with their gifts.   The three kings leave gifts for children in many countries who awaken on the 6th to enjoy their bounty.


  • In Spain, "Reyes" (Kings) is the traditional day to exchange gifts, although December 25th is making inroads.
  • Celebrations include a "rosca de Reyes", a cake with a small figure hidden in the dough. 
  • Whoever finds the figure in their slice of "roscón de Reyes" in Spain will have good luck for the entire year.
  • The "lucky" recepient in Mexico provides tamales on February 2nd, the celebration of Candlemas.
  • Residents of New Orleans enjoy a "King's cake" or "Gateau de Roi".  The person who finds the figure in the cake not only receives luck for a year, he or she must host the following year's King Cake celebration.
  • January 6th also kicks off the Mardi Gras season in Louisiana.


Do you know of any other ways people celebrate the twelfth and last day of Christmas?


Rosca de Reyes




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