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Acueducto de Segovia


Once upon a time, 75% of internet content was in English.  Non-English speakers performed searches in English because they didn't have many other options.  Fast forward to 2009, when fewer than 30% of people online are using English.  Almost all internet users search in their own languages, and they won't find you if your site isn't optimized for their search.


This doesn't mean you have to translate your entire website or hire bilingual staff to communicate with these potential customers.  The idea here is to get found. You'll invite these searchers to your site in their language, and they'll enter via a landing page written in that language.  When new visitors click through to your website, they'll already know what you're about and what you're selling.


Once you have a landing page in another language(s), you can submit it to foreign search engines like (Spain) and (Italy).  Make sure you have included keywords in the content, and that your tags (title, meta and H1) are also in the target language.  Don't forget a call to action to click to your website.


Now that you've built it, they will come.






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Janine said...
Cameron, You might start the SEO process by translating the keywords, but then you will need to learn what search terms someone local would use. You can expect variations from one country to another; Spaniards and Puerto Ricans use different words for "car" so the keywords you would use will be different. Suerte! Janine
January 16, 2009 03:34:27
Cameron said...
Our company has looked into this as a strategy for 2009. Do you recommend translating our key words, titles, metas, and descriptors directly from those that we use in English or should we use those that 'work' in the target country/language? Or are those likely the same in any language? Thank you for any advice you can provide.
January 16, 2009 02:04:41
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