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Los Mejores Blogs en Castellano


Before you launch a Hispanic targeted SEM campaign, consider testing both Spanish and English to see which drives higher conversion rates.  You may discover that a campaign developed for each language delivers the best results.


Google suggests these tips for targeting Hispanics:


Buy keywords in English and Spanish because Latinos search in both languages. Comscore Media Metrix reports that 52% of online Hispanics are English-dominant, 21% are Spanish-dominant, and 27% are bilingual.  


Test different keywords in different DMAs.  Vocabulary can vary in Latin America so tailor your campaigns accordingly.


Send searchers of Spanish keywords to a Spanish-language landing page.  Give them what they're looking for to improve conversions.


Include accented and unaccented versions of your keywords.  Some search engines will deliver similar but different results if the word doesn't have an accent so make sure you appear in all searches.


Many companies have been slow to use SEM to increase their share of the U. S. Hispanic market.  The time and money you invest in developing and testing should give you a competitive advantage in a market that is now bigger than the entire population of Spain.


If you already have results, what has worked for you? 




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Janine said...
As your experience shows, Roger, a quick ROI is often the case. We usually suggest testing a few pages, and the results win over anyone with doubts.
February 12, 2009 11:44:34
Roger said...
Good advice here. In my company's case, we made a mistake. We only entered Spanish keywords but initially dd not provide the user with a page or two in Spanish. What we found in looking at our metrics, conversion rates, etc. was that users were indeed using Spanish keywords but that was the end of the story. Once we had the landing page and another product description page to our site, we had conversion rates that went through the roof. The cost of the translated web pages paid for itself in under a month.
February 10, 2009 05:10:10
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