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Bad translation


A article posted online yesterday about marketing to Hispanics is called "Como Se Dice 'Brand Loyalty'?".  Although the subject interested me, what really caught my eye were the two errors in the title. 


It should have read "¿Cómo se dice 'brand loyalty'?".


  • All questions in Spanish begin with an inverted question mark.
  • The first "o" in "como" needs to have an accent; omitting it changes the meaning of the word.


Why is this important?  Because mistakes like this communicate that you don't value your Latino customers enough to produce good work.  The translators pooh-poohed in the article would have caught the errors and corrected them before the article was posted. 


The authors explain that targeting the growing Hispanic market goes beyond simply translating your ads.  True, understanding the cultural aspects that drive behavior is vital to developing an effective marketing strategy.  But what message are you sending to consumers when you ignore grammar and punctuation?  What will they think of your brand when what you write is wrong?


That you really don't care.


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