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What are you risking when you use a free online translation tool for your documents or your website?


  • Future sales. Consumers can't use the product properly if the instructions are unclear or incorrect.  Who do they blame?  Your product. And, who do they tell? When someone is satisfied with a product, they tell one person.  When they have a complaint, they tell ten people.
  • Your bottom line.  What happens if you're sued because the product was not used correctly? A woman in Houston was given a prescription that was to be taken once a day.  Unfortunately, she read "once" as the Spanish number for eleven.
  • Your reputation. Your customers will know you were too cheap to spend money on a professional translation.  What message does that send about the quality of your products or services?
  • Lost business. When potential customers visit your website, they may find the translation amusing, but what will they think about your product?  Will they trust your company enough to open up their wallets?  Or will they find a company that respects them enough to communicate with them correctly?



Photo by jovike. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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