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I spent most of the morning editing a Spanish translation we had done for one of our clients in the healthcare industry.  We actually delivered the translation weeks ago, but yesterday the art director discovered that there was more text than space on a page of the brochure.  Red pencils to the rescue!   The first edit still didn't  fit the page; we were successful with round 2 but the client had not allowed for additional time being spent on the project. 

Red Pencil

What happened?  The client had designed the brochure with English text in mind and didn't take into account that the number of words increases when you translate into Spanish (and many other languages).  The translation took up about 20% more space.

Unfortunately, on some pages space was at a premium.  When you are designing a print piece that will be produced in several languages, try to leave some empty space in your layout.  This will give you some wiggle room.

If you are working with existing materials or templates, you have three options:

  1. to edit the English text before translation
  2. to edit the Spanish translation
  3. to use a smaller font size

Has this ever happened to you?  What did you to solve the problem?



Photo by wolfcry0.  Licensed by Creative Commons.

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