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The Five Ws in journalism are a series of questions that are used to gather the facts needed for a news story to be "complete".  The Fives Ws - who, what, when, where, and why - are building blocks for reporters because they supply the basic information that all stories should contain.  These questions also apply to translations because they give us the information we need to help you succeed in any language.

Who? Who is the translation for?  Is it for educated professionals, teens, or for mothers? This helps us know if the language should be conversational or complex.

What? What do you need translated?  Is it a website, marketing materials, or medical forms?  Do you need the translation placed in a layout?  Many languages are wordier than English and we'll make sure you know that before we get started.

When? When do you need the translation returned to you?  The longer the text, the longer it will take to translate and proofread.  If we can't meet your due date we will refer you to someone else.

Where? Where will the translation be read?  Languages vary from one country to another so it's important that you specify that you need French for Montreal and not Paris.

Why? Why does your organization need the translation?  Is it to sell more of your product, to educate patients, or to communicate with your employees?

You can make sure that your audience understands your message by applying these proven reporting techniques.


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