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American Family

As makeup of the U.S. population continues to change, the concept of mass marketing may have reached an end.  Peter Francese, an expert in demographics, has released 2010 America, a white paper available from Ad Age.

Some of the key findings Francese expects from the 2010 census will have important implications for marketers:

  • Minorities are becoming the new majority.  In Texas and California, non-Hispanic whites are now the minority and this trend will expand across the nation.  Companies not marketing to Hispanics will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs.
  • Multigenerational household are becoming more common.  Both parents and grandparents will be making purchasing decisions. Marketing communications will need to acknowledge the importance and influence of both generations.  Advertising to "adults 18-54" will not be enough.
  • "Married with children" will no longer be the norm as only a fifth of U.S. households fit that definition.  Advertisers will need to target couples without children and single adults to increase future sales.

What else can we expect to learn from next year's census and how will it affect your business?




 Photo from Seattle Municipal Archives.

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