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Have you ever wondered how to pronounce a word or a phrase in a language that you don't speak?  It happened to me recently when I went on Facebook to wish a friend a happy birthday. I saw that he had responded to earlier messages with "go raibth maith agat". I guessed that it meant thank you in Irish, but I knew I could never figure out how to pronounce it on my own. Trying to pronounce Irish, for those who have no familiarity with it, is like trying to guess how a word in Basque sounds.

Forvo is a pronunciation guide with words in 236 languages spoken by native speakers.  The coolest feature of all is that if the word you are looking for is not on the site, you can request that someone add the pronunciation.  You can also help other language learners by recording pronunciations in your native language.

Listen to "go raibth maith agat" here.



Image by runran under Creative Commons license.


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