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The Great Gatsby

In ""7 Tips for Leaders Working Overseas", Margarita Gokun Silver suggests that people moving abroad read fiction which takes place in and is written by an author native to the country where they are relocating.  The idea is that the reader will begin to understand the country's value system and the people who live there.  I think it's a great suggestion, and it got me thinking about what book(s) I would recommend to someone moving to the US.

I know a lot of people think "Huckleberry Finn" is the quintessential American novel, but I don't think it would be the best choice to understand 21st century, multicultural America.  I'm more tempted by "The Great Gatsby", which depicts the promise of rags-to-riches success as well as the perils of excess. 

I'm not sure it's the best book. Is "Gatsby" too dated? Is there a more recent work of fiction that would help someone "get" the US? What book would you recommend?



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