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Bonjour, privyet, and nihhao! Calling from Gmail, the service that allows Gmail users to call friends, family and work colleagues from a computer directly to a mobile phone and landlines is now available in 38 languages.

Take that, Skype!

Gchat users have long been able to talk over their computers and video chat, but the ability to use one's computer to call directly to a landline or mobile phone was a development the online giant rolled out last August.

This recent update, as explained on the Official Google Blog, has more international language support -- including Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese and Serbian. Also, it allows users to pay for the phone credit in four different currencies -- euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars.

The company has also lowered its calling rates. For example, if you want to call England, France or Germany you'll pay 10 cents a minute to be connected to a cellphone, and 2 cents a minute if you call a landline.  To call Mexico it will cost you 6 cents a minute if you call a landline, and 15 cents a minute to call a cellphone. You can see the full list on Google's rates page


See: Los Angeles Times

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