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In "Good Content is Critical for Reaching Hispanics Online", Lee Vann says the scarcity of quality content online for Hispanics provides a big opportunity for advertisers.  He reminds companies that online marketing is for engaging first and selling later, and shares these tips for success.  If you are adapting and translating some English content, share numbers 9 and 10 with your translator.

1.  Don't be afraid of the social internet; embrace it

2.  Develop clear goals and objectives upfront

3.  Establish a voice and develop guidelines to ensure it is always consistent

4.  Ensure that all content provides value to your target audience

5.  Don't be afraid to test out different things

6.  Make sure content is engaging, stimulating a conversation

7.  Create an agile process, including legal approvals

8.  Make sure your content is social media-optimized to maximize sharing

9.  Avoid using regional Spanish when engaging to national Hispanic audiences

10. Be consistent when using the formal "usted" and informal "tu" forms in Spanish


Image by Toni Castillo under Creative Commons license.

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