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Companies hire us to gain access to new markets,and to help them market both new products and existing products there. We can help them determine if a product is not culturally appropriate in Latin America or for US Hispanics because we have over 20 years experience in these markets.

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Hispanics have played an important role at the Kentucky Derby for decades. - Laffit Pincay, Jr., the winner of the 1984 Derby aboard Swale, was born in Panama City, Panama. - Two time Derby winner and member of racing's Hall of Fame Ismael Valenzuela was the son of immigrants from Mexico. - Angel Cordero, Jr. began his career in Puerto Rico. He went on to win the Kentucky Derby three times. - Lazaro Barrera was a successful trainer in Cuba and Mexico before moving to the United States. He won his first Derby in 1976 with Bold Forbes, but his greatest achievement was in 1978 as the trainer of Triple Crown winner Affirmed.

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San Miguel de Allende

Did you promise yourself that next year you'll go away for Christmas?  For those who like to travel over the holidays, Travel + Leisure has chosen the 10 best places to spend Christmas.  There's something for everyone on the list: cities, beaches, snow, and exotic destinations.   It may be too late for you this year, but researching and dreaming about the top 10 destinations may get you through your post-holiday slump.

If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would you go?



Photo of San Miguel de Allende by RightIndex under Creative Commons license.

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The number of internet users in Mexico grew 14% between August 2008 and August 2009 and now totals 13 million. Microsoft has more unique users every month than Google, and Mexico isn't the only country where Google doesn't dominate.  The two leading sites in Brazil, with an online population of 31 million, are locally-owned.

The popularity of social networks also varies by country.  Facebook is the 3rd most popular site in Argentina but doesn't make the top 20 in Brazil.  Did Facebook's delay in translating its content to Portuguese make it irrelevant in a large, fast growing market like Brazil?




Source: Portada


Photo by Rodrigo Galindo.


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An incredible 90% of the population in 6 Latin American countries and Puerto Rico are users of social networking sites.  The data, included in a recent study from comScore ( do not reflect usage via cell phones.  Given that there are 140 million cell phone users in Brazil and 76 million in Mexico, the percentage of Latin Americans on social networking sites is most likely higher than shown here.


The largest network in Brazil is Orkut, which is owned by Google, while Hi5 dominates in much of the rest of the region.  Facebook is growing quickly, thanks to its launch in Spanish early in 2008.


Social Networks




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