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A survey conducted by Telemundo and Ipsos Public Afairs found that 8 out of 10 Hispanics plan on participating in the census this year.  57% of the respondents said they are confident that their personal information will not be shared with other government agencies.  I found it interesting that Hispanics who prefer Spanish-language television shows were more likely (42%) to believe their information will only be used for the census than viewers who prefer to watch in English (31%).

The Census Bureau is running a campaign in 28 languages to raise awareness of the census.  This effort is necessary: 18% of Latinos surveyed had never heard of the census vs. 11% of adults in the general population.


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Do you want to know what The Guardian in London considers newsworthy (one story that made the front page today is "China's Pet Lovers Seek Ban on Eating Dogs")? Do you want to keep up with what's going on in one of your favorite cities? Are you trying to hone your vocabulary in a foreign language? 

Check out the worldwide newspaper map to read headlines from newspapers in hundreds of countries.  Put your cursor on a country, city, or state to see headlines from today's editions.  Double-click on the dot to see a larger version of the page.

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Want to win a free "I'd Rather Be Grammatically Correct" t-shirt from A.Word.A.Day? They'll be selecting one winner every week from readers who have submitted comments. 

AWAD sends an email with a new English word every day from Monday through Friday.  Each week has a theme, like "Words that have changed with time" and "Covering the extremities".  It's a fascinating way to pick up new vocabulary and learn interesting tidbits about English.  The New York Times calls it "the most welcomed, most enduring piece" of daily email.  You can subscribe at


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If your company is going global, you know that you need to learn about local taxes, regulations, and law.  Did you think of adding local culture to that list? 

If you plan on doing business like you do in the U.S., you may hurt your company's chances of success.  Spend time on the ground before you launch, talk to other people who have already entered the market, and as Will Rogers said, "Never miss a good chance to shut up."






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"If English Is a Global Language, Who Makes the Rules?" asked if native English-speakers will lose control of the language.  In "Language as a Blunt Tool of the Digital Age", Anand Giridharadsa says not only is that already happening, but the rise of English as the global language has other consequences.

"The English-learning boom in developing nations also corrodes their own languages. Their young increasingly learn enough English to do a global-economy job but not so much as to be articulate in it. Yet many give up on mastering their native languages. They end up, as the Indian writer Pavan Varma has called them, 'linguistic half-castes,' functional in many tongues, without command of any."

You can access the rest of this very interesting article at The New York Times.



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