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Brad Pitt


Did you every wonder how actors learn the accents they need to use to be convincing in a role?  "Talk This Way: The Man Who Makes Hollywood Sound Right" is a fascinating profile of Tim Monich, a dialect coach who has worked with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

What is a dialect?The New Yorker article has this to say: "The way a person talks is called his or her idiolect.  A collection of idiolects form a dialect, which is an agreement, common to a place, about grammar and vocabulary and certain expressions."  An accent is how we pronounce the words in our dialect.

Were you convinced by Pitt's accent?



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Body Language

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?  Do you know the secrets of body language? Can you "recognize when someone is attracted to you"?  Do you want to "generate sexual and romantic interest in someone you desire"?

Supposedly, you can learn all this and how to get your dream job from just 42 cards.   Let us know how it goes.

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We just received an email from a translator interested in working with us.  Unfortunately, his email fell short of the mark.  Every culture has its own way of doing business, but an email that says only  "Greetings! Are you interested in my cv for future needs?" wouldn't be a winner in most of them.

If Giovanni P. had read "Dos and Don'ts for Freelance Translators: How to Get More Work Through Email" before contacting us, we may have looked at his C.V.  Instead, we deleted his email.




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