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In the English-speaking world...major publishing houses are inexplicably resistant to any kind of translated material at all.

The statistics are shocking in this age of so-called globalization: In the United States and Britain, only 2 to 3 percent of books published each year are translations, compared with almost 35 percent in Latin America and Western Europe.

But this is no mere national embarrassment: The dearth of translated literature in the English-speaking world represents a new kind of iron curtain we have constructed around ourselves. We are choosing to block off access to the writing of a large and significant portion of the world, including movements and societies whose potentially dreadful political impact on us is made even more menacing by our general lack of familiarity with them. Our stubborn and willful ignorance could have -- and arguably, already has had -- dangerous consequences.

Read more of Edith Grossman's article, "A Great New Wall: Why The Crisis in Translation Matters", in the May/June issue of Foreign Policy.

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Are You Ready? Take the Global IQ Test To Find Out
1). Can you embrace uncertainty and rise to the occasion?
2). Do you have an all-encompassing perspective?
3). Are you adaptable, do you take risks, and can you be innovative?
4). Are you prepared to cultivate your international contacts?
5). Are you willing to learn as much as possible about the culture in which you are about to do business?
6). Do you have passion, enthusiasm, playfulness, and curiosity?
7). Do you have the guts to go the distance? 

8). Do you have enormous reserves of energy along with patience and stick-to-itiveness?

9). Got courage?

Take a moment to consider your answers then compare them to what Globe Trade, the creator of this test, has to say.

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Have you ever wondered how to pronounce a word or a phrase in a language that you don't speak?  It happened to me recently when I went on Facebook to wish a friend a happy birthday. I saw that he had responded to earlier messages with "go raibth maith agat". I guessed that it meant thank you in Irish, but I knew I could never figure out how to pronounce it on my own. Trying to pronounce Irish, for those who have no familiarity with it, is like trying to guess how a word in Basque sounds.

Forvo is a pronunciation guide with words in 236 languages spoken by native speakers.  The coolest feature of all is that if the word you are looking for is not on the site, you can request that someone add the pronunciation.  You can also help other language learners by recording pronunciations in your native language.

Listen to "go raibth maith agat" here.



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Italian food flag

How would you represent your country's flag using food?  The challenge is to depict the colors and design of the flag using ingredients that also represent the country.

Participants in last year's Sydney Food Festival were asked to do just that. Italy designed their food flag with basil, pasta, and tomatoes.  Other entries are not so obvious. Test your knowledge of world flags and cuisine and identify the 12 countries represented by these food flags.

How did you do?

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Does your version of the truth depend on the circumstances, or where you are doing business? These are some of the questions raised in a blog on the Harvard Business Review website. 

If you are doing business in a culture where lying is expected, do you stretch the truth? If bribes are SOP, do you fight or follow along?

Doing business internationally brings its own set of challenges.  Knowing what is the truth is one of them.




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