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Until you've lived in another country, you probably have always taken voting for granted.


You have a responsibility to participate in the democratic process.  It's free, it's easy, and it's simple.


Cast your vote, too few of us do:

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Dated: May 13, 2008

Spanish Speakers More Likely to Purchase from Websites in Spanish

U.S. companies that only have English content on their websites are losing ground to foreign competitors.  Globally, only 30% of internet users are English speakers and future growth is expected to reinforce this trend. The number of Spanish-speaking internet users grew 360% from 2000-2007, yet fewer than 10% of U.S. websites offer language options other than English.

According to Amanda Parker, a partner at P & L Translations, “website translations provide high ROI for companies who want to reach more consumers. We’re seeing an increase in Spanish translations of websites, particularly in the retail and financial services sector. This opens up new markets for our clients for a very reasonable investment.”

Usage studies show that customers are 4 times more likely to purchase from websites in their language and they will spend twice as long on translated sites. Census data highlight the importance of offering website content in other languages. According to the 2000 Census, 47 million Americans over the age of five speak a language other than English at home, an increase of 47% vs. the 1990 Census, and over 30 million Americans speak Spanish.

Translations companies recommend modifying the website’s content to meet the needs of Spanish speakers in addition to translating the website. This process, known as localization, ensures that content such as measurements, currency, and temperatures reflect local usage and that images and copy are culturally appropriate.


The cost of localizing a website in Spanish is usually far less than the original cost of developing a website so the ROI for localizing based on the revenue from new consumers or markets can be very high. Many companies trying to cut corners make the mistake of using free on-line Spanish translators rather than investing in the services of professional translators and copywriters.


Translation errors can result in lost business, not only from the site visitors who read the translated information, but also from all the people those individuals tell. The investment in a professional translation should be covered by the increased revenue from millions of new potential customers who now have access to information in Spanish on the company’s products and services.

Spanish language or multilingual websites offer three main benefits to companies looking to expand their marketing efforts:

- They create a relationship with customers by speaking to them in their own language.
- They establish credibility in markets abroad.
- They increase revenue because internet users are more likely to do business with companies that present information on products and services in their native language.

For further information, call Janine Libbey at 615-460-9119 or email her at

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May 5, 2008


P & L Translations, founded by two local women with international business experience, has opened in Nashville. The company specializes in language solutions for corporate communications needs.

“Most translations companies have employees with the necessary language skills but they lack business experience. Our backgrounds in international business have taught us that a translation that isn’t rendered by an expert in the field can be worse than no translation at all”, says Janine Libbey, one of the founders. “We are establishing a new standard of excellence among translations companies in Tennessee.”

P & L Translations delivers language and communications solutions for the legal, financial, arts and entertainment, marketing, healthcare, manufacturing, and consumer products industries. They provide website translation and localization, as well as subtitling and voiceovers, including training DVDs.  P & L Translations also has bilingual copywriters who customize ad campaigns and marketing materials, preserving the tone and nuance of the originals while being linguistically and culturally accurate.

For more information, call 615.460.919 or email

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Myth #4: Translations can be done in a couple of days.

Fact: If it took you two months to write manual, it’s going to take time for someone to translate it, someone else to edit it, and a third person to proofread it. Each project is unique: the number of words in the original document, the complexity of the subject matter, and the quality of the writing in the original all affect turn-around time.  Reputable translations services companies will explain this to you.


Myth #5: Translations are too expensive and I won’t get my money’s worth.

Fact: Translations cost less than the development of your original documents and allow you to reach many more customers than you can in English.  Translations deliver a high ROI on a relatively small investment.


Myth #6: Most internet users speak English so I don’t need my website translated.


Fact:  Only 30% of internet users worldwide are English speakers.  Usage studies show that customers are four times more likely to purchase from websites in their language and they will spend twice as long on translated sites. 


Myth #7: In this economic climate, we shouldn’t be investing in translations. 

Fact: In a downturn, a great marketing strategy is to expand in foreign markets. Decreasing demand at home does not translate into shrinking sales abroad.  Make your website and product information accessible to your foreign customers by offering them in their native languages.


To learn more about how you to use translations as part of an effective business strategy, visit 


P & L Translations specializes in translations and bilingual copywriting services for companies targeting new markets and new consumer groups.


P & L Translations: When it comes to translations, we mean business.

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Translations are an essential part of any business strategy to expand overseas. Businesses that don’t offer their customers information in their native languages may be losing ground to foreign competitors.  Here are the most common myths about translations and the facts that dispel them.



Myth #1: Anyone who speaks another language can translate.


Fact: Just because you speak English doesn’t mean you are a writer.  The man in Accounting who took Spanish in college may be able to translate some written correspondence, but more complex documents, marketing materials and your website should be handled by educated professional translators.


Myth #2: Translating is just substituting one word in English with another in the target language.


Fact: English has approximately twice as many words as Spanish.  Exchanging one word for another just won't work.  A skilled translator makes sure that the nuances and subtleties of your text are present in the translated version as well.


Myth #3: Free on-line translations are accurate and good enough for me.


Fact: Computer or machine translations lack the ability to identify nuances or even, in some cases, to correctly identify words.  Something as simple as the “Contact Us” section on our website was translated on-line into Spanish as “Contact the U.S.”.  Is that what you want for your company?









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