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Our document translation services include:

* Brochures

* User manuals

* Medical translations, including patient in-take forms, clinical research studies,HIPPA forms, release forms

* Translation for Nashville businesses and non-profit organizations

* Websites

* Legal translations, including contract translation, RFP or RFQ translation, legal correspondence

* Technical manuals

* Translation of business correspondence and emails

* Marketing materials

* Employee handbooks, policies and procedures

* Translation of documents required for immigration and/or visas

* Catalogs

* Human resources documents

* Translation of foreign documents needed to purchase a home (marriage certificates, birth certificates, foreign income tax returns)

* Market research and customer satisfaction surveys

* Product spec sheets

* Sales sheets

* Packaging translations (required for Canada)

If you don't see the document you need translated on this list, please contact us at info[at]

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Companies hire us to gain access to new markets,and to help them market both new products and existing products there. We can help them determine if a product is not culturally appropriate in Latin America or for US Hispanics because we have over 20 years experience in these markets.




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