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Multilingual websites are a cost-effective way for hospitals to improve compliance and ensure patient safety for people with limited English proficiency.  Health education materials, treatment guides, privacy policies, and payment information are standard offerings. A multilingual website also positions the hospital as a “friendly” healthcare provider because it creates a sense of welcome and trust with patients.


Advantages of offering multilingual health information and documents on the website include:

  • Improved communications between doctor/nurse and patient
  • Reduced risk of malpractice
  • Easy access for people with limited English skills
  • Improved patient care
  • Information can be easily updated


Hospitals that do not provide adequate language services run the risk of compromising their patients’ healthcare.

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New vehicle registrations declined by 3% in 2007, but there is some good news for automakers and dealers.  Sales to multicultural consumers held steady at 22% of the market and the size of this market continues to grow.  Hispanics, Asians, and African-Americans will make up almost 37% of the U.S. population by 2020, according to recent U.S. Census data.  


Car dealers who want to capitalize on the relative strength of the ethnic market right now should consider:


  • Making the dealership family-friendly.  Hispanics’ and Asians’ new vehicle purchases are influenced by family members.   Have a kids’ corner with toys, offer balloons, and greet everyone in the family as if they were the one buying the car.


  • Translate sales materials and signs.  Make it easy for your customers to understand what you’re selling, special features, and terms and conditions.  You may need information in several languages if you are in a very diverse market, or your ethnic customers may all speak the same language.


  • Keeping the relationship going.  Hispanics buy new vehicles more frequently than other consumers.  Stay in touch and keep them coming back to your brand.


Additional information on automotive brand loyalty among multicultural consumers is available from R. L. Polk & Co.

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One of our favorite organizations here in Nashville is Conexión Américas, a non-profit dedicated to the economic, social and civic integration of Latinos in Middle Tennessee.  They help thousands of families every year, educating them on how to buy a home, start a business or improve their English skills.


Conexión Américas is calling for nominations for the first annual "Orgullo Hispano" award which will recognize four Latinos who quietly but persistently make their community a better place to live.  The winners will have demonstrated passion and a strong commitment for what they do while inspiring others to get involved.


If you know of an unsung Hispanic hero, call Conexión Américas to learn how you can nominate them - 615.269.6900, or download the nomination form (there's only one question you have to answer) from their website:

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Hispanics aged 50+ are more likely to research purchases online than non-Hispanics, according to the “Customer Focus Opiniones” study released this summer by Vertis Communications.   Older Hispanics also pay more attention to internet advertising, with 21% stating they had done so in the previous week  vs. 15% of non-Hispanics of the same age. 


TV has the most influence on buying decisions among Hispanics, followed by ad inserts and circulars.  Internet marketing is the third most influential medium.  The Vertis study reports that 42% of all Hispanics research products online before they buy.  Scott Marden, of Vertis Communications, says that “Hispanics are increasingly becoming more reliant on the internet and other forms of technologically advanced marketing” to find information on products they are interested in buying.


Who’s providing this information in Spanish?  Two of the country's biggest retailers aren't.   That’s right, visit the world’s largest retailer’s website and you will not find anything in Spanish.  Nada. 


If you do a search for “español” on the other site, 55 products come up, including “Madden 09 Football en español”.   The product description is in English.  If they sell the Spanish version of the game, why don’t they provide information on the product in Spanish as well?

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If you can get past the trite title, USA Today  ran an interesting article yesterday on translated movie names called Hollywood_Gets_Lost_in_Translation.   The article explains that while some translations are faithful to the originals ("Sex in the City" is called "Sexo en Nueva York" in Spanish, others are given different names to reflect local culture.  The TV show, "Get Smart", was called "Superagente 86" when it aired in Spain so the movie title was translated as "Superagente 86 de Película" (Superagent 86 the movie).


Other translations seem to come out of the blue:


  • "Bull Durham" was translated as "Los Búfalos de Durham" ("The Buffaloes of Durham")
  • "The Big Chill" is called "Reencuentro" ("Reencounter")
  • "Some Like it Hot" became "Con Faldas y a lo Loco ("With Skirts and Wildly")
  • "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was named "Atrapado y sin Salida" ("Caught Without an Exit")
  • "Airplane" was translated to "Aterriza Como Puedas" (Land However You Can")


And, last but not least, "Lost in Translation" was called "Perdido en Tokio" in Latin America.




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