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Translations are an essential part of any business strategy to expand overseas. Businesses that don’t offer their customers information in their native languages may be losing ground to foreign competitors.  Here are the most common myths about translations and the facts that dispel them.



Myth #1: Anyone who speaks another language can translate.


Fact: Just because you speak English doesn’t mean you are a writer.  The man in Accounting who took Spanish in college may be able to translate some written correspondence, but more complex documents, marketing materials and your website should be handled by educated professional translators.


Myth #2: Translating is just substituting one word in English with another in the target language.


Fact: English has approximately twice as many words as Spanish.  Exchanging one word for another just won't work.  A skilled translator makes sure that the nuances and subtleties of your text are present in the translated version as well.


Myth #3: Free on-line translations are accurate and good enough for me.


Fact: Computer or machine translations lack the ability to identify nuances or even, in some cases, to correctly identify words.  Something as simple as the “Contact Us” section on our website was translated on-line into Spanish as “Contact the U.S.”.  Is that what you want for your company?








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