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Myth #4: Translations can be done in a couple of days.

Fact: If it took you two months to write manual, it’s going to take time for someone to translate it, someone else to edit it, and a third person to proofread it. Each project is unique: the number of words in the original document, the complexity of the subject matter, and the quality of the writing in the original all affect turn-around time.  Reputable translations services companies will explain this to you.


Myth #5: Translations are too expensive and I won’t get my money’s worth.

Fact: Translations cost less than the development of your original documents and allow you to reach many more customers than you can in English.  Translations deliver a high ROI on a relatively small investment.


Myth #6: Most internet users speak English so I don’t need my website translated.


Fact:  Only 30% of internet users worldwide are English speakers.  Usage studies show that customers are four times more likely to purchase from websites in their language and they will spend twice as long on translated sites. 


Myth #7: In this economic climate, we shouldn’t be investing in translations. 

Fact: In a downturn, a great marketing strategy is to expand in foreign markets. Decreasing demand at home does not translate into shrinking sales abroad.  Make your website and product information accessible to your foreign customers by offering them in their native languages.


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