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Resist the urge to save a few cents per word by hiring a freelance translator for your next translations project.  All translations need to be proofread and edited before they are good to go.  It's the same quality control process you follow before you send something off to the printer, and your non-English speaking customers aren't going to appreciate a typo any more than you do.


So, now you have to hire a second translator.  The cost to you has just gone up.


Who on your staff will be handling the project? Do these people have the time to find, evaluate, train and coordinate the work of two (or more) translators?  Will the loss of  productivity in their day-to-day responsibilities be offset by what you think you'll save on the translations?  Will managing the project keep them from doing something that actually generates revenue for your organization?


Work with a translations company that provides services in multiple languages, and save your internal resources for more productive work.



Image by Joshua Davis.  Licensed under Creative Commons.


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Hanna said...
Using a translation company instead of a freelance translator by no means guarantees quality automatically. How many typos and errors are found in books published by publishing houses which supposedly follow a quality control process--many. This sounds like it is written by a company that does not want the freelancer to get a piece of the market.
April 11, 2014 08:39:36
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