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A hot topic of discussion among translators right now is LinkedIn's request for translators to voluntarily translate their website.  So, a networking service for professionals that runs paid advertising on the site and charges a fee for premium membership wants linguists to provide their skills for free.  Needless to say, this has offended some translators who ask if LinkedIn also requests other professional services like accounting or legal advice for free.


Almost every translator I've had contact with on the subject does pro-bono work for non-profits they support.  We do the same, focusing on the non-profits here in Nashville.  But - and this is a big but - it just isn't right when a for-profit organization is trying to make money and is denying skilled professionals the opportunity to do the same.


If you'd like to read other people's reactions, Matthew Bennett asks 10 questions about the perils of free translation, and Jill Sommer suggests that LinkedIn is treating translators as non-professionals.


If you're a translator on LinkedIn, you may want to join the group Translators Against Crowdsourcing by Commercial Businesses.




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