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Hispanic Census Data



If you are trying to make the case for your organization to begin targeting the Hispanic market, here is some data from the U.S. Census Bureau which may help you:


  • The average size of households defined as Mexican is 4.1.  There are 3.2 members in all households surveyed by the Census.  If you sell packaged goods, this means Hispanic households will need to buy more of your product.
  • Half of Mexican households own the home where they live.  If you're in real estate, the other 50% represent a big opportunity for you.
  • The Hispanic population skews younger than the rest of the population.  The media age of Latinos in the U.S. is 27.6, compared to 36.6 for the total population.  As a marketer, reaching out to these consumers will help develop long-term relationships with your brand.
  • Hispanic-owned businesses grew by 31% between 1997 and 2002.  This is triple the national average.  Don't forget these entrepreneurs when marketing your business services.


How will the increase in the Hispanic population affect your business?


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