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Technically, all Spanish speakers in the United States speak the same language but, just like in English, there are regional variations.  Languages evolve differently in different countries, and slang and other vocabulary reflect the differences.  If you are marketing your product in Texas, most of your Hispanic clients or consumers will be of Mexican origin.  If your message needs to reach Hispanics all over the country, you would want neutral Spanish to be used in your translations.


Neutral Spanish is nothing more than Spanish that can be understood easily by U.S. Hispanics.  It usually steers clear of humor, slang, and word play.  It may not be the ideal if you are targeting urban youth in Los Angeles, but most products and services will benefit from reaching the largest number of Spanish-speakers without offending any of them. 


If you're not sure if neutral Spanish is what you need, give us a call and we'll help you: 615.460.9119.


Image courtesy of Georgie Sharp fromCreative Commons.

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