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Sun and Moon Pagodas

Asia's share on the online population is forecast to reach 43% by 2013, while the United States and Canada's share will decrease to 13%, according to a report released by Forrester Research.  The percent of the online population represented by Europe will also decline in this period since internet penetration there is already very high.


Latin America's share is expected to remain stable at 11%.  Marketers who sell there can reach more than 50% of those users by targeting just two countries: Brazil and Mexico.  That means a company's website will only need to be translated and localized for two markets.


What are the implications for American companies? 


Online content in English will not be enough to sustain growth outside of North America and Europe as consumers in regions conduct searches in their native languages.


What else will change?





Image courtesy of cheesy42. Licensed under Creative Commons.



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