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Today the Louvre is launching an English-language version of its online database.  This will allow English speakers to immerse themselves in 22,000 works of art in the Louvre's online collection.  There's no word yet on plans to expand the project to include the two other languages offered on the museum's website.


The Tate in London provides information in 12 languages other than English, including British Sign Language. 


Looking closer to home to see what information US museums offer non-English speakers, visitors won't have it so easy.  The Museum of Modern Art site is monolingual despite being located in a city where a third of the population is foreign born.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers only general information in 9 languages other than English, but at least tourists will know when the museum opens and what it will cost them to visit.   Hats off - or should I say sombreros - to the Frist Center here in Nashville which has had español on its website for years.




When will major cultural institutions in the United States understand that reaching out to non-English speakers translates into more revenue?



Photo courtesy of debaird.  Licensed under Creative_Commons

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