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International online testing of product concepts and brand perception requires multilingual surveys.  Best practices in international market research show that your prep work needs to go beyond translation.

  • Brand names can differ from one market to another so make sure your questionnaire is correct for each country.
  • Are there any weights and measures in the survey?  Double check that they are correct for the markets where you'll launch the study.
  • Use local units of currency.
  • Some of your graphics and icons may be unfamiliar to some respondents.  Is there another image that is more commonly used or that would be understood by more people?

Don't forget that you need to translate more than just the online survey.  Any point of contact with the participants needs to be in their languages including:

  • Invitation emails
  • Introductory text
  • Captions on buttons (Back, Next, etc.)
  • Any validation or error messages
  • Messages thanking respondents for their participation

What would you recommend to someone who's going global?

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