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Editing is the second step in the translation process and  is more involved than proofreading which is intended to correct grammatical, syntaxical and typographical errors. An editor compares a translation line by line with the source text to make sure that it is faithful to the original and that is correct in the target language. Here are seven things editors should do when reviewing a translation:

1. Ensure that the source text has been interpreted correctly by the translator and that there is no text missing. This is the primary role of the editor because if the translation goes through additional quality control, it will not be compared to the original again.

2. Check grammar, spelling and style.

3. Make sure that terminology is consistent.

4. Suggest other options for terms that the editor considers incorrect or those that can be improved.

5. Do not make edits based on personal preference. All suggested edits should be to improve the quality of the translation.

6. Run spell check before delivering the editing document.

7. Read the translation one last time to ensure that it is consistent and makes sense.

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